Tips for The Perfect Brows

1. How often should I get eyebrows professionally shaped?

Every three to four weeks, eyebrows should be shaped professionally by a licensed esthetician. This will help eliminate overgrowth as well as the “fuzzies” that tend to pop up below the brow bone and in between the brows.

2. What should I do if I over-tweezed and now have barely there brows?

If you are looking at your eyebrows and realize that you have gone tweezer-happy or have had too much eyebrow removed, the best thing to do is simply allow the brow follicles to recover and let them grow back in. In addition, brushing your brows will help to stimulate the hair growth so that they grow back more quickly.

The Perfect Brows also offers a natural brow growth enhancement serum that works wonders. It contains vitamin E and other essential oils and can be applied once or twice a day, morning and night. This is something I would recommend only after I have examined clients’ brows and if their brows aren’t growing naturally on their own.

In the interim, I also recommend using soft, mineral brow powders to fill in sparse brows.

3. How can I tell which shape of brows flatter my face?

Face shape is very important in determining your most flattering brow shape. Everyone’s face is different and therefore cannot have the same brow shape. The shape of your brows can be determined with three simple measuring points that accurately determine the best brows for your face shape. Place a straight object, like a ruler or pencil:

  1. On the inner bridge of the nose going up to the top of the eyebrow. (Not the outer part of the nose.) This is where the brow should begin.
  2. On a diagonal from the outer corner of the nose to the crease of the eye (and keep going to the brow bone!) for where the eyebrow should end.
  3. From the outer iris (the color of the eye) to the top of the eyebrow for where the high point or the arch of the brow should be.

4. How do I choose the eyebrow makeup for me?

Eyebrow makeup should be a natural compliment to your brow color. Just like our hair color, our brows have lighter and darker hues and are not one solid color. This is why I recommend a dual brow powder that has two colors to work with. I also suggest using a soft brow powder over a pencil if the brows need more coverage and you are looking for a softer look.

5. How should I apply eyebrow makeup?

  1. Start the application of brow powder or pencil at the bottom of the eyebrow. Make light strokes going in the direction of the hair growth.
  2. Use a blending brush or “spoolie” to blend the brow powder and soften the look.
  3. Next, use a clear brow gel or soft brow wax to keep unruly brows in place.
  4. Lastly, add a neutral highlighter to the inner bottom of the brow (near the bridge of the nose) out to the brow bone to lift the eyebrow and make your eyes pop.

6. What is the latest trend in brow style?

Eyebrows are trending towards a full, groomed and natural look. Overly tweezed, skinny brows are not flattering to your face. In addition to professional shaping, I help clients create a fuller brow with brow powders and pencils.

7. What should “Man Brows” look like?

Man brows should compliment a gentleman’s face just as a lady’s pair does. So that means don’t go for a high arch or flat, razored-down brows—the Jersey Shore look! Men tend to have very stiff, wiry brows, and the main thing they need is a very soft trim so that their brows don’t stick out and look too harsh.

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  • Thank you for explaining that you should get your brows shaped every three to four weeks. I want to get my brows shaped before my sister’s wedding. I’ll be sure to keep it up afterwards so I can keep them looking good.

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